Why Not Hollywood? The Case for Christian Filmmaking.

Posted on February 21, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

For those of you who have not read Isaac Botkin’s book “Outside Hollywood”, I strongly recommend it – especially if you want to enter the field of filmmaking in earnest. It is full of theological truths and practical advice that will be invaluable to any aspiring filmmaker, or any film buff. I myself am a student, and I’m only just starting out; but, what I have been able to glean from Mr. Botkin’s work, as well as that of the faculty at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy and Festival, (of which Isaac is a leading member, along with his father Geoffrey Botkin, and Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum ministries.)

These are men who hold the conviction that we need to be creating a film industry outside of the Hollywood system – a conviction which we at Blue Banner Media wholeheartedly agree with!

We don’t want to offend those brothers in Christ who are in Hollywood, but we do want to recognize the command in the Bible to be holy and pure in everything we do. You cannot build a lasting house on the sand, and it doesn’t take much to prove that Hollywood has been given over to the radical left: to the humanists, the Marxists, the militant feminists, the history revisionists, the environmentalists, and the pagan pantheists. Thinking about all these things can quickly make you depressed. That’s how I felt reading Brian Godawa’s book “Hollywood Worldviews” in which he shows how the atheistic, anti-Christian worldviews such as Existentialism and Postmodernism have dominated the Silver Screen.

But, as Mr. Phillips is fond of saying: “We need to quit cursing the darkness – we need to light a candle for Christ!”

That is why not Hollywood. Because Christ commands that we make disciples of nations – that we take dominion for Christ in whatever we do, be it filmmaking or politics or agriculture or working a hotdog stand – we are to do it as unto the Lord! (2 Cor. 10:5)

I can’t say it better than these men I’ve mentioned. If you’re interested, go check out what they have to say: you can get Isaac’s book at www.visionforum.com, and there also, you’ll find lectures from the Film Academy on any topic from worldview, to genre selection, to funding and marketing independent films. It is a wonderful resource to have on hand!

Go study these things yourself . First-and-foremost, go to the Scriptures and get guidance and wisdom. Know why not to go to Hollywood from a Biblical basis, then make strong, bold, exciting films for God!

Also check out these sites:

www.westernconservatory.com and www.saicff.org (The first one is Mr. Geoffrey Botkin’s site, and the other is the official site for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!)