The “Oscar” Obsession

Posted on March 1, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Last night was the famed, annual night at the Academy Awards.
It’s interesting how easy it is to get wrapped up in those ceremonies. I checked the results last night, and found myself angry that “How to Train Your Dragon” lost the Best Score award to “The Social Network”, and that “True Grit’s” Hailee Steinfeld didn’t win Best Actress in a Supporting Role, etc… But then, you have to ask yourself “why”. Why does it matter who wins an award that is merely an superficial expression of achievement in the world’s eyes? Why does it make me indignant that an award was denied a film or filmmaker, most of whom have set themselves against the things of God and instead take the idolizing worship that the masses give to them? I mean, sure, John Powell did an excellent job with the score of “How to Train Your Dragon”, but did that movie glorify God? Did the makers of “The King’s Speech” or “Inception” or “The Fighter” or any of the nominees make their films with a self-conscious attempt to glorifying the Lord? No. They were interested in art, or fame, or technical achievement, or vain glory. The films that came the closest, out of all of those, to making a film that respected, (though never consistently and certainly they comprised in many areas,) a Christian worldview, was “True Grit”, which didn’t garner a single award, and Pixar’s family-friendly but not Christian “Toy Story 3”, which took home two awards.

It just reminded me again, not to count worldly acclaim and awards as any worth. Instead we should turn to God, and make films that are obedient to His Word, and  glorify Him, first-and-foremost!

Jeffrey Katzenberg once told the Disney animators that he “Wasn’t interested in winning an Academy Award” what he wanted was the “Bank-of-America Award”! Neither of those should define and drive the Christian filmmaker. We need to be working towards the “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant” Award. And then, once you hear those words from the Throne of God Himself, the best-made film in the world won’t matter anything!