The 2013 SAICFF Jubilee Awards

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San Antonio, TX, Feb. 9 – the annual cultural event that has been dubbed the “Christian Oscars” was a huge success this year. That night saw numerous awards given to independent filmmakers who have dedicated their work to further the crown rights of Jesus Christ through the medium of motion pictures. The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) celebrated the accomplishments of these filmmakers throughout the Jubilee Awards Ceremony (named after the command of the Lord in Leviticus 25:9-10) with the prayer that they will be instrumental in bringing cultural transformation for the Kingdom of God in this world.

The night’s festivities and ceremony included the presentation of 11 Jubilee and Crystal Awards (including the $101,000 Best of Festival cash prize and the EchoLight Studios sponsored Short Film award); performances by balladeer Charlie Zahm along with violinist Tadd Marks, The Third Class Cabin Boys (featuring the Winton and Phillips Brothers), who played a medley of the score from “How To Train Your Dragon” (a score that was better than its movie); and vocalist Daniel Craig. We heard from all six of the SAICFF judges: Doug Phillips (President of Vision Forum Ministries and SAICFF founder), Geoffrey Botkin (Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences), Curtis Bowers (“Agenda: Grinding America Down”), Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. (Ligonier Ministries, Highlands Ministries), Kevin Swanson (Generations Radio) and Stephen Kendrick (“Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof,” and “Courageous”) and there was also a surprise appearance by former United States Senator and 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who helped to present the Best Short Film award.

It was a year full of worthy films. We saw commercials and promotionals, short films, documentaries, and feature films that explored issues ranging from American history, to care for orphans and the disabled, to abortion, from daring resistance against Nazi tyranny, to fun adventure, to heart-wrenching exposure of abuse and trafficking; all of them through the lens of a Biblical worldview. The overall quality of Christian films is advancing, and will soon, by God’s grace, be able to compete with the entertainment cartel in Hollywood. May the Lord continue to bless this movement of God-honoring filmmaking.

The Award-Winning Films for the 2013 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival were:

Best Young Filmmaker – Joseph in Egypt III
Runner Up – Mobile Mayhem

Best Treatment – Fire and Forgiveness
Runner Up – Sola Fide

Best Commercial Advertisement – The Founding Fathers App

Best Promotional Media – The Lamplighter Guild

Best Short Film – Useless (Winner also of EchoLight Studio’s $250,000 Sponsorship)
Runner Up – Static

Best Original Score – The Lost Medallion
Runner Up – Indescribable

Best Documentary Award – The Pink Room
Runner Up – Ru: Water Is Life

The Sanctity of Life – The Drop Box
Runner Up – Birth Control: How Did We Get Here?

Best Feature Film – Return to the Hiding Place
Runner Up – The Lost Medallion

Audience Choice – Return to the Hiding Place

Best of Festival – The Drop Box
Runner Up – Return to the Hiding Place


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