At Blue Banner Media we want to embrace the rapidly expanding and transforming independent media industry of the 21st century – increasingly marked by decentralization, democratization, and the dissemination of knowledge, tools, and resources – while recognizing that some things – such as beauty and truth, what makes a compelling story, and the inspiration to think and act creatively – never change. Whether were talking narrative films, documentaries, promotional media, feature-length productions or online shorts; excellent media is an effective and important part of our lives, businesses, and culture. That is what Blue Banner Media is all about.

Do you have a story worth telling? A business/organization worth promoting? An idea worth spreading? Than consider collaborating with Blue Banner Media.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Robert McKee.


Complete Package

BBM will create a complete video with you: from the script, to the storyboard, to production, editing, and all the other steps between concept and finished product.




Hire BBM to do videography. We capture HD footage, shot to the specifications of your project needs; or bring us in to do camera work on a shoot of your own.




Post-production is where it all comes together. BBM is ready to edit your video. We work mainly in Final Cut Pro, though we have experience in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as well.



Motion Graphics

BBM’s motion graphics, animation, and titles are top-notch. Our work has been featured in award-winning documentaries. Let BBM bring your project’s graphics to life.


Collaborate With Us!